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Sweet Dreams [Decaf]

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Introducing our decaf coffee — Sweet Dreams. We believe that decaf coffee exists for true coffee lovers who adore the taste and ritual of coffee without the effects of caffeine interfering with their ability to find rest and relaxation.

Imagine savoring a perfect cup after dinner and still having a tranquil night's sleep—that's our aim with Sweet Dreams. To achieve this, we carefully select coffees from Colombia, which we’re able to source consistently throughout the year. Our preferred decaffeination method is the renowned sugarcane process, hailing from Colombia.

Here's how it works: We start with coffee beans sourced from the town of La Plata in Huila, Colombia. Through the process, sugarcane is naturally broken down into ethanol and then into ethyl acetate. The beans are soaked in this solution to bind the caffeine molecules, which are later separated from the beans. Afterward, the beans undergo a steaming process to eliminate any remaining ethyl acetate, guaranteeing that the coffee maintains its original, complex flavors and is free of adulterants.

This natural decaffeination method utilizes locally available materials, resulting in the most delicious decaf coffees on the planet — preserving the inherent flavors of the coffee far better than other decaffeination methods.

Our current selection for Sweet Dreams is carefully produced by our long-term partners, Atlantic Specialty Coffee, known for their commitment to quality and transparency throughout the supply-chain.

Enjoy Sweet Dreams— the comforting flavors and experience of coffee without caffeine's effects. 

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