About Us

Cooperative Coffee Roasters began in July 2019 when Matt fired up our newly installed 6-kilo roaster and roasted his first batch. In this moment, Matt’s 15 years working as a public-facing coffee professional (barista, shop manager, wholesale representative) gave way to a new, wondrous realm: green coffee, and the artful science of bringing the best out of those seeds during the roasting process.   

At Cooperative Coffee Roasters, our work is to connect people to delicious and sustainable coffees by acting responsibly in a healthy supply chain. We pay farmers profitable wages for their coffees. We roast these coffees with skilled attention given to each specific origin, variety, and processing. We give our customers broad and diverse choices in the lots we select and in the roasting style of these offerings. We believe that coffee is at its best when it's sweet, bright, and clean.  These quality principles, taken in the broader context of holistic sustainability, guide the choices we make when sourcing and approaching the roast profile of our coffees.

We are committed to roasting our coffee to order, in small batches. This gives us the ability to work together with our wholesale customers to offer a wide breadth of coffees and bringing inclusivity to this process, thus creating true opportunities for collaboration.