Are you looking to serve coffee that will inspire your guests to return over and over again? 

If you’re a cafe, restaurant, or grocer who wants to offer the highest caliber coffee, we can help you with that. 

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Why partner with Cooperative Coffee?

Your dream coffee

For our partners, we search the globe for coffees that fit your vision, and carefully develop a roasting profile that matches. We source a breadth of different origins, cultivars, and processing methods to create a dynamic wholesale offering list. You’ll find cost-effective blends and staple single-origin coffees, as well as rare and exciting micro-lots. Our goal is to remain approachable without compromising quality.

Consistently delicious

Our year-round blends are built for consistency, featuring flavor profiles that remain steadfast as the seasons change. Since our priority is to use coffees that are fresh and in season, we reformulate each blend every few months while maintaining the character of the blend. Many other roasters use inexpensive, past-crop coffees as blenders, which makes their blends dull. We believe that since a blend is often the core of a cafe’s coffee program, it is our responsibility to make these coffees shine just as our seasonal, single-origin offerings do. If your espresso or drip program depends on one of these blends, your baristas and customers will marvel at how consistent AND consistently fresh these coffees are. 

Coffee Education

Count on top-quality, freshly roasted coffee from us. But coffee is only as good as you brew it, and juggling a litany of variables that all affect flavor can be tricky. Fortunately, our team has years of experience sharing the art and science of brewing coffee. We also have an intimate understanding of the origins and history of this complex beverage and its journeys around the world. Folks tell us time and time again that our enthusiasm for delicious coffee stokes their innate curiosity. Our training programs are a natural extension of our passion for bringing out the best in ourselves and our communities.

Here for You

We understand the challenge of building a great coffee program. There are many questions: what equipment to purchase, how to structure your menu and pricing, and ordering the right amount of coffee at just the right time. In our broad experience working in coffee shops, in wholesale customer support, and now choosing and roasting green coffees at Cooperative, we know what is involved in operating a great cafe. We can help you make important decisions regarding your brewing methods, coffee offerings, and navigate the labyrinth of determining your order amount, frequency, and coffee freshness.


We could be the ideal fit if you’re:

… starting a brand new cafe or restaurant, and you’re looking for coffee to match your values and vision.
… a multi-roaster shop looking for something sweet, clean, bright and new to add to your offerings. 
… a grocery store with shoppers who appreciate top-shelf coffee.
… a boutique hotel, movie theatre, or other small business with customers who expect high quality products.
… passionate about coffee, dreaming of starting a pop-up at your local market. We love connecting with all fellow coffee-enthusiasts! 


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