Concepción - Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Concepción - Huehuetenango, Guatemala

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Producer: CODECH Cooperative
Altitude: 1700-1850 meters
Varieties: Caturra, Bourbon, Pache & Sarchimor
Process: On-Farm Processing, Dry Fermentation, Patio Dried
Harvest: January-March 2022
Region: San Martin & Tojquia, Huehuetenango

In the mountains above the town of Concepción Huista in Sierra de los Cuchumatanes -- the highest mountain range in Central America -- the Mayan farmers of the CODECH Cooperative grow some of our favorite coffees from Guatemala. This year’s lot comes from the Adat community and more specifically from producers around the town of Todo Santos Cuchumatan.

Producers in this area grow almost exclusively heirloom varieties on their remote, high altitude farms. These unique varieties showcase a distinct clarity of fruit and brightness that gets lost in most hybridized varieties. This year, our importer at Atlantic Specialty Coffee implemented detailed drying specifications with these lots, which will enable greater quality and stability over time. We have noticed that lots with moisture content below 10.5% perform significantly better as they age, which allows us to roast this coffee for up to 6 months without a great loss in quality. 

The coffee grown in the unique microclimate around the town of Todo Santos is among our favorite in Guatemala. We have purchased coffees from this region for the 3 years that we've been in business, and each year we look forward to the arrival of these coffees. 

This year, look for flavors of orange, hazelnut praline, and a silky body in the cup!