Big Day Summer Blend

Big Day Summer Blend

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Producers: Nano Challa Coffee Cooperative + Proyecto Renascer
Locations: Gera, Ethiopia + Medellin, Colombia
Varieties: Ethiopian Heirlooms & Bourbon
Processing: Washed + Anaerobic Lactic Fermentation
Tastes Like: Caramel + Honeysuckle + Lemon

Inspired by the correspondence between the delicious fruits and flowers of our NC summer and the refreshing flavors of these Ethiopian + Colombian coffees, we created our very first limited-edition seasonal summer blend! 

The concept of the Big Day emerged when the four of us were reflecting on summer: the way all of nature seems to be in full bloom, and how we heed the call of these extended days that beckon adventure, and late afternoon naps. 

The artwork for this blend came out of group free-drawing, which would never have resulted in anything if it wasn’t for the talent of Aaron Baumgardner, who pulled elements from all our ideas and single-handedly drew the new bag labels. 

You can find more details about each of these single origin coffees on our home page. For a bundle, we suggest ordering a 6-oz bag of each: the Genji Challa, Verano Tropical, and Big Day.