Visiting the Oaxaca Region, Part 2 : Osito Coffee & Terra Coffeas Mexico

Visiting the Oaxaca Region, Part 2 : Osito Coffee & Terra Coffeas Mexico

During our recent sourcing trip to Oaxaca, Mexico we had the opportunity to visit with Frida of Terra Coffeas Mexico, the exporting partner of Osito Coffee in Mexico. We loved the opportunity to make this personal connection, visit her cupping lab, and see how her team works to bring quality coffees to roasters like us!

For the past two years, we’ve purchased coffees from the Sierra Mazateca region north of Oaxaca City through Terras Coffeas. We love these coffees because they’re super sweet, dynamic, and balanced — dried fruit and rich dark chocolate swirling together in harmonious perfection. Cupping coffees with Frida opened up another opportunity — to taste and select more specific single-producer lots from Mazateca.

It is our intention that this visit assisted in laying the groundwork for more substantial travels to the Mazateca region of Oaxaca in the future together to meet these producers. One hilarious tidbit about our visit: we had to cross a busy highway to catch a colectivo cab ride back downtown. When we asked Frida the best way to cross, her answer was “Rápidamente!”.

Thank you Frida for the chance to see your beautiful operation and taste these beautiful coffees! We look forward to the chance to serve a few of these lots when they land in the US later this spring for the third year running!

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