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Yembek Extended Fermentation - Kapchorwa, Uganda

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Quick Facts

Producer Organization: Producers from Yembek parish - processed by Kawacom's Sipi Falls Washing Station

Country: Uganda

Region: Yembek, Sipi, Kapchorwa - Mount Elgon

Elevation: 1,800-2,000 m.a.s.l.

Varieties: SL-34, SL-14, Bourbon

Process: Washed Exteneded Fermentation

Exporter: Kawacom

Certifications: Organic



This coffee is a blend comprised of deliveries from producers in the eastern Ugandan parish of Yembek, Kapchorwa. It is processed by Kawacom, Atlantic Specialty's fellow ECOM company, at their nearby Sipi Falls washing station.

Uganda has not historically been well known for its high quality coffees, but selections from Kawacom in the last few years have been changing that perception. With a meticulous focus on processing and drying, these coffees not only taste spectacular as pre-shipment samples, but are some some of the most shelf-stable and consistent arrivals we see.

Kawacom opened in Uganda in 1999, buying parchment and selling mostly Bugisu semi-washed (farmer-processed coffee.) In 2012 Kawacom completed the buildout of the Sipi Falls washing station on Mount Elgon. Recently, Kawacom has expanded in the region of Kasese in the west of Uganda on the Rwenzori Mountains with their Maliba project. Kawacom also expanded in the Northwest of Uganda with their White Nile project which began in 2017 as washed coffee, but in 2018 offered both washed and natural processes.

Kawacom began focusing on community-specific microlot selections in 2015, and has since taken first place in AFCA Taste of Harvest in Uganda for their natural, washed, and honey processed coffees on multiple occasions. To produce their top lots, the Sipi Falls washing station selects specific days when they know they can converse and work with the community producers to ensure the best cherry selection.

Processing Info

Washed - Extended Fermentation

In this special washed process, the coffee cherries are sorted, pulped, and dry-fermented for 18 hours. They are then washed and wet-fermented for six hours. The coffee is then washed, cleaned, and dried.

Regional Info

Kapchorwa, Uganda

The Yembek parish in Sipi County lies along the slopes of Mount Elgon in the eastern Ugandan district of Kapchorwa, close to the western border of Kenya. Kapchorwa's beautiful Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon National Park are popular tourist destinations for hikers and nature lovers. The district boasts one of the highest elevations where coffee is produced in the country of Uganda. The producers here are recognized as some of the most dedicated to quality, as well.

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