Valeria Pino - Montebello, Colombia
Valeria Pino - Montebello, Colombia
Valeria Pino - Montebello, Colombia

Valeria Pino - Montebello, Colombia

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Farm: Los Pinos

Location: Montebello, Antioquia, Colombia

Elevation: 1600 masl

Variety: Castillo and Colombia

Process: Washed after extended-fermentation


This coffee comes to us through our importing partners at Unblended Coffee, who brought us Verano Tropical. Unblended, founded by Colombian brother-sister duo Lucas and Sofia Cuadros, has recently started an institute called UVI (Unblended & Ventola Institute) with the goal to “Guide each coffee producer member of the program in the creation of their own coffee project – positioning their brand internationally and helping them improve their company’s profitability through the creation of differentiated products.”

Sofia and Lucas are young to be international entrepreneurs, and have forged exciting connections with the next generation of traditional coffee growers. Through their UVI program, Unblended gives farmers the tools and encouragement to imagine their own future by supporting quality farming infrastructure, experimental processing techniques, and offering classes on the US specialty coffee market, pricing, branding and accounting and planning. 

Valeria Pinos is one of the producers who has joined Unblended’s UVI program. At just 16 years old, she is the second daughter of the Pinos family, which has been farming coffee in Antioquia for many years. She has great enthusiasm for innovating her family’s farming practices, and bringing more transparency and information about the coffees to roasters like Cooperative. 


To bring us this coffee, Valeria’s crew picked 3000 kilos of ripe coffee cherries in small batches and allowed these to ferment for 12 hours intact. After 12 hours, the coffee was depulped and fermented again for 24 hours. When this fermentation was complete, the coffee beans were washed and dried in silos keeping a constant temperature of 45 to 50 degrees celsius until it reached 11% moisture.

Our team loves the balanced citric acid and sweetness we perceived in this coffee from the first cupping. After trying out a few different roast profiles, we landed on one that accentuates the inherent flavors of pecan-raisin bread and candied oranges.