UVI Cochadas - Antioquia, Colombia

UVI Cochadas - Antioquia, Colombia

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LOCATION: Jericó, Jardín, Andes, Santa Bárbara - Antioquía

ALTITUDE: 1750+ masl

VARIETIES: Castillo & Colombia

PROCESS: Cochadas Washed

This coffee is the result of the hard work of multiple members of Unblended Coffee's UVI program, which is a course designed to assist young and upcoming coffee growers develop their skills in producing,. processing, and marketing coffees internationally. For them, it represents a breakthrough in specialty coffee processing, and a learning experience. Cochadas begins with producers harvesting coffee in batches, and as they harvest, cherries are stored in barrels over a set time period. This means that at the end of the week, you end up with cherries that have more fermenting times than others. This creates a depth in the acidity, with notes of yellow fruits and strong cocoa.

UVI Students

For UVI Cochadas, we are currently working directly with 6 coffee farmers: Jose Vasquez, Yamile Arboleda, Daniel Rendon, Ramon Marulanda, Monica Andrea Castaño and Juan Camilo Salazar. We select them for this project due to their commitment to UVI and for their low production capabilities, which sometimes do not meet a set demand, and that is why we form this community lot. The goal is to achieve a very controlled blend that excels, and we are really proud of the results.