Mazateca Lot #3 - Oaxaca, Mexico

Mazateca Lot #3 - Oaxaca, Mexico

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Location: Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico
Elevation: 1600 - 1800masl
Variety: Typica, Bourbon
Process: Washed

Sierra Mazateca is part of the Sierre Madre de Oaxaca mountain range, located in the far north of Oaxaca state. The area is named after the indigenous Mazatec people who live in this area. Our importing partners at Osito are proud to be able to work with many of the indigenous coffee producers to create these lots.

Unlike in many other Central American countries, Mexico i s full of very small coffee producers - some producing as little as 5-10 kg (or 11-22 lbs) per year. To put that in perspective, the typical burlap bag of coffee exported from Mexico is filled with 69kg (152lbs) of coffee. The limited quantities available from these small holder farmers mean that it is necessary for farmers to sell their product collectively. 

What makes Oaxaca an especially unique area of Mexico for coffee is that the internal market is also very willing to buy Oaxacan coffees, meaning that fantastic coffees often stay in Mexico and are sold to roasters there.

Our importer for this coffee, Osito, and their partners on the ground in Mexico work hard and compete to be able to source these tiny lots. Then they spend considerable time and effort to put together the lots of similar screen size, moisture and water activity. The #3 in the name "Mazateca #3" distinguishes this lot from others that were put together from the same region. For all the time and effort it takes to secure these lots, it is always worth the payoff - these coffees are exciting and showcase a side of Mexican coffee that is not readily available in many cases. 

At our roastery, we are going to be featuring this coffee as part of a special event! On Oct 16, we will be hosting a brunch with our Oaxacan friend, Chef Luis Martinez. Mazateca #3's Nutella and raisin sweetness and syrupy body are going to be a delicious compliment to Luis' menu. We hope to see you there, and enjoy this delicious coffee (along with other special coffee offerings).