Fernando Augusto Rojas - Pink Bourbon Microlot - Huila, Colombia
Fernando Augusto Rojas - Pink Bourbon Microlot - Huila, Colombia

Fernando Augusto Rojas - Pink Bourbon Microlot - Huila, Colombia

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We had planned, for early March of this year, our first trip to Colombia to source coffee. International and domestic plane tickets were booked, and we worked with our importing partners at Caravela to put together a detailed itinerary. We were headed first to Bogota, then to the mountains of Huila to visit coffee producers around Pitalito and in Timaná. We were to then go to Armenia to visit a dry mill and learn about the last link in the supply chain of coffee before it heads overseas. We were going to source some incredible coffees to share with you all, and shake the hands of the men and women responsible for creating it.

Then the coronavirus hit and our plans changed immediately. Now we're not shaking anyone's hands.

In the spirit of this journey not taken, we want to introduce you to a special coffee that we sourced remotely from Huila. When we received a sample of this pink bourbon variety, produced by Fernando Augusto Rojas and his family, we were struck by how delicate the sweetness and acidity was, the floral rose flavors alongside the sweet and clean fruit of tangerine and peach, the silky mouthfeel that leaves you wanting more.

Fernando grew up in a coffee-producing family, and at an early age became fascinated in each aspect of farming. He began producing his own lots at the age of 15 and was an early adopter of specialty coffee growing practices in order to increase quality and receive higher price premiums.

At this time, Fernando and his partner Yuliana grow 4.3 hectares of coffee under the shade of orange, cacao, guanabana, guamo, mandarin, cochingos, banana, and avocado trees. After harvest, he keeps the coffee in the cherries for 15 hours before fermenting without water, then fulling washes the seeds. He dries his coffee on covered parabolic patios to create a slow and even process.

Though we wish we could have visited Colombia this year, Fernando's coffee serves as a great consolation for trips not taken. Pick up a special-release 6oz bag today!