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Maxi Garcia - San Ignacio, Peru

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We source Maxi and Esmerelda Garcia's coffee from our exporting friends at Origin Coffee Lab in Peru. Our friend Tim Hill at Atlantic Specialty brings it into the U.S. for us on the importing side. This is our second season purchasing the Garmas family coffee, and we look forward to continuing this relationship indefinitely into the future. This is one of the best lots we've ever tasted from Peru, and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have access to this product of skilled effort at their farm and throughout the supply chain. Here is some info that Stan at Origin Coffee Lab sent to us:

Maxi and his wife Esmeralda have been working in coffee for many years. Maxi was a ‘tecnico’ or agronomist for the largest co-op in northern Peru for many years. Maxi made a smart move and decided to start his farm with all of the knowledge he had gathered over the years. Maxi does a great job paying attention to fine details such as drying, nursery propagation, and other factors. He is now a local figure where local farms refer to his practice for best procedures.

Finca Name: Cafe Garmas
Location: El Huabo, San Ignacio
Hectares: 8
Altitude: 1820
Other crops: Banana, yucca, herbs, potato, pork, others plants
Harvest time: April – September
Permanent workers: 2
Workers during harvest: 25

Process of the microlot: 

All coffee are picked by hand. The coffee is then fermented for 24 hours. The drying process takes place on raised drying beds, for an average of 18 days. The beginning of the harvest is a bit longer, end of the harvest is shorter because of relative humidity.

Fermentation method:

Maxi has 4 different tanks. 2 plastic and 2 tile tanks. Coffee is picked in the morning, then fermentation starts in the afternoon. The fermentation is usually 24 hours.

Drying Method: Raised beds for about 25 days.

Storage: Maxi stores his coffee in plastic bags, in parchment. We pickup from him once a week.

We taste cocoa, orange, and cherry in the cup and hope that you enjoy this delicious coffee as much as we do! 
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