Don Faustino - Todos Santos, Guatemala

Don Faustino - Todos Santos, Guatemala

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Producer: Faustino Gomez 

Location: Guatemala, Huehuetenango – Todos Santos, located in the Cuchumatanes Mountains--the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America

Harvest (months): Feb - April 

Altitude: 1,800 masl

Variety: Bourbon 

Soil Type: Clay 

Processing: Washed 

Drying: Patios 

Tasting Notes: Sugar Cookie, Blackberry, Cola 

Huehuetenango is the highest region in Guatemala, where coffee cultivation is taking place at soaring heights that range from 1,600 to 2,100 meters above sea level. The Sierra de Cuchamatanes is a remarkable mountain range, in that it is one of three non-volcanic regions of Guatemala whose clay soils and constant rains make it a coffee paradise. If you have been drinking Cooperative Coffee for long, you know that we love coffees from this region. Over the past two years we have featured single-origin offerings from Hector Gomez, Evaristo Gomez and Todos Santos Reserve. In just a few weeks, Todos Santos Reserve will be back in our roastery, and we are so excited that it is the season for Huehuetenango coffees.  

 Unlike almost all the coffee-growing regions of Guatemala, in Huehuetenango, virtually  all producers have their own wet mills. Therefore, most coffee farmers in this area process their coffee no matter how small their harvest is. This is one reason that there is such a wide range of diversity in the flavor profiles of each particular lot from this area-- each producer carries out their process under their own criteria and conditions.

Our importing partner for this coffee, Atlantic, has worked with a small group of producers from Huehuetenango to connect them with the specialty coffee market and consult with them as to how they can sell their coffees in the specialty market in the US.  Most of these producers produce an average of 20 to 30 bags of coffee per year. 

 Don Faustino Gomez, the producer of this particular coffee, has dedicated his production to only specialty grade coffees--mostly red bourbon. He currently exports a total of 30 - 35 bags of coffee per year. The coffee is fermented between 70-72 hours with cold water before it is washed. Finally, it is dried on patios, in the sun, for approximately ten days. 

When we cupped Faustino Gomez’ coffee we tasted strong fruit characteristics, which we wanted to preserve and accentuate in our roast. By focusing on bringing out the coffee’s sweetness, we ended up getting complex sugary notes of cola and cookies, along with blackberry. Let us know what flavors you find in your cup!