Carolina Ramirez, Colombia - La Gioconda Semi-Washed

Carolina Ramirez, Colombia - La Gioconda Semi-Washed

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La Gioconda

Andes, Antioquia, Colombia




This coffee represents the next step in Carolina Ramirez's coffee processing journey. This cup is obtained after 9 hours of fermentation in cherry, kept in open tanks after being harvested and selected. Later depulped without using water to keep the muscilague with the bean, after depulped, it is kept again in tanks for 14 hours. During this time, the microorganism starts eating all the sugars from the environment and the mucilage, this process will later be translated into flavors to the beans. The beans are later dried for 3 weeks until they get 11% moisture. 

Carolina is a leader of Unblended Coffee's (our importer's) UVI educational program for coffee producers. She's also an attorney, an ultramarathon runner, and an incredible specialty coffee farmer. She embodies the excitement we believe seeing young people working in coffee farms represents. She studied law in Medellín and when COVID hit in 2020, she went back to Andes to live with her parents at their farm, becoming more involved in the farm operations and sales.  Once a year she organizes a running competition across the mountains in Jardin, near her home, called the Frontera Endurance Run.